#Day183 Penultimate run complete!

Torrguadiaro to Algeciras – 33km
Terrain: roads – hilly

One more run left! Crazy crazy times!

It’s funny, when you reach the end of a project, you always start thinking about the beginning. I remember being in Poland and Germany and telling people I was heading to Spain. Quite honestly I didn’t even believe it myself but here I am not only in Spain but only a few kilometers (relatively speaking) from Tarifa, the southern tip of mainland Europe.

I though today was going to be tough mentally but actually, it was easy just to get on with the run and enjoy the scenery (for the first half). The second half, I ended up quite literally on a motorway, not the most comfortable of moments but got here in the end.

Oh yeah, I think I trespassed on a golf course this morning. My official route took me right through the middle. There I was with all of the maintenance guys saying hello as I went by, must have looked totally random. Then on the way out, a gate! Oh dear. So I decided to partake in a little bit of Parkour (free running) and climb over it! Bit naughty and with no Bob today, it was possible. I probably look like a little hooligan on cctv somewhere. Oh well! Live dangerously, haha!


















Pretty bit.









Not so pretty.









As this point, I’m just really excited about tomorrow and heading on my way. If the weather is nice, we should have some pretty amazing views given I need to get over a mountain (!) but if not, I’ll enjoy it anyway.

Mum is here to enjoy it with me too, woohoo!

A short video from today.

See you on the other side people!

4 thoughts on “#Day183 Penultimate run complete!

  1. So lovely to see you happy and healthy Viv. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!
    See you soon!
    All at the BSP

  2. bon courage pour les derniers kilomètres! you made it!!!
    je t’embrasse sans oublier Val

  3. Hi Viv, I can’t tell you how excited I am for you that tomorrow will be the completion of what can only be described as a heroic achievement. I have followed you throughout your journey and read each and every one of your blogs. It was something to look forward to and something that inspired me on the days that I was lagging a bit. Not sure how I am going to feel now there won’t be anymore blogs LOL
    Enjoy those last kilometers, really make them count. Savour the sights, smells and your own sense of achievement, god only knows you deserve every single second of happiness this journey has brought you. Know that you are a hero for even considering a journey like this let only completing it!
    All my love, An x

  4. So lovely to see your running smile! What a journey you’ve been on, and what an impressive feat. I hope your last day of this journey will be a wonderful celebration of all that you have achieved. You inspire me to aim higher and be bolder, and for that I’m grateful. Maja x

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