To round things up

It’s been just over 1 week since I completed my vivrunseurope challenge. It’s still all sinking in. Before going through my highlights I thought I’d share some footage of the final day, I think you might be able to tell how happy I was! Why run 3,850 kilometers? There have always been two main reasons […] Read More

Kit list

A slightly more geeky post than usual but I thought I’d share my kit list for #vivrunseurope for those who are interested or that fancy doing their own expedition (DO IT!). If you fancy doing research on some of the kit, you’ll find that some of it is a little pricey. I was recommended by […] Read More

#Day183 Penultimate run complete!

Torrguadiaro to Algeciras – 33km 14C Terrain: roads – hilly One more run left! Crazy crazy times! It’s funny, when you reach the end of a project, you always start thinking about the beginning. I remember being in Poland and Germany and telling people I was heading to Spain. Quite honestly I didn’t even believe […] Read More

#Day180 Malaga! Getting there

Benajarafe to Malaga – 24km 17C Terrain: roads – nice and flat So I’ve made it Malaga, yay! Only two more running days now, it’s quite hard to absorb to be honest. Mum is arriving on Sunday and then hopefully I’ll reach Tarifa on Tuesday. Today’s route was pretty straight forward, flat and lots of […] Read More

#Day179 Soaking up the coast

Maro to Benajarafe – 36km 17C Terrain: roads – nice and flat 🙂 Tomorrow I should arrive in Malaga, crazy! While trying to remain calm and focused, today was the first time I allowed myself to feel excited about Tarifa. I don’t want to get carried away with those thoughts though. Need to keep focusing […] Read More